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Welcome to Arty Projects
History Mountain

Our mission is to "keep the child spirit alive."
Paper-sculpture and paper-engineered books create a magical space for discovery. Pop-up and moveable books are their own art form traceable to the Medieval world and paper folding and printing to ancient China.

After a 17 day trip to China, April 2014, I discovered cut paper art and met some of the artists in the villages. After two years of study; original works from China, reading Chinese stories and playing with handmade paper, the "light theater books" began to emerge. Handmade one up books are now my focus.

Sally at Plaza Blanca in New Mexico

Using the Zing Laser Cutter at MAKE Santa Fe for intricate cuts, a new series has emerged using paper engineering and cut paper images.

Nature, framed laser cut images framed

Floating Vortex
A butterfly emerges from a round out with panels and V folds at the ends, China black ink drawing of Galisteo Dam, NM

Magic Cage
A round out spread showing different kinds of captivity... and a ship shadow reflected
independently of the cut paper edges

Urban Blight
A pop up spread in 3 layers of platforms

China Journal
Paper engineered cut paper with LED lights

The Beginning, before humans
Paper engineered, painted paper, abaca papers, mixed media

A Bird Sees a Plane
The beginning of technology in a human world
Paper engineered V folds and platforms

Discovery of Fire
Paper engineered V folds and platforms
painted pieces, mixed media

The Future of the Human Spirit
Paper engineered, painted pieces, V folds, platforms and mixed media

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