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Welcome to Arty Projects

Our mission is to "keep the child spirit alive."
Paper-sculpture and paper-engineered books create a magical space for discovery. Pop-up and moveable books are their own art form traceable to the Medieval world and paper folding and printing to ancient China.

After a 17 day trip to China, April 2014, I discovered cut paper art and met some of the artists in the villages. After two years of study; original works from China, reading Chinese stories and playing with handmade paper, the "light theater books" began to emerge. Handmade one up books are now my focus.

Using abaca papers, hemp papers, silk paper and industrial 10 pt paper and light, I am working on shadow puppet theaters.
Cut paper art and paper engineering using led lights

2015-2017 exhibits in cut paper

• Banfield-Locke Cut Paper Traveling   Exhibition Minnesota
• Highfield Mansion Art Center Cape Cod
• Center for the Book Iowa City,
University of Iowa
Micrographia Exhibit
• Shakespeare exhibit at the Palace of the Governor's Santa Fe, NM
• 2017—Structure Unbound: Interdisciplinary Book Art, Rober & Elaine Stein Gallery, The China Journal
* Presentation to the Book Arts Group, Santa Fe, Free Form Paper Engineering

Guild of American Paper Cutters 2017 Annual in Somerset, PA—China Journal 2017

Rotunda Show in the Pera Building
Book Arts Group bi-annual show 2017

Final spread of King John shown at the Shakespeare exhibition, The Book is the Thing at the Palace of the Governor's Museum, Santa Fe.

The Astrolabium shown at the Micrographia Exhibit at the Center for the Book, University of Iowa, Iowa City.                                                                        Using industrial Silk 10 pt. paper, the basic structure emerges, The Ship of the Sky, based on the architecture of the roof in Padua, Italy.Hand cut abaca paper, from Helen Heibert's studio, images were cut based on Giotto's astrological figures.
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