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Workshops for all ages!

Sally Blakemore offers a variety of workshops for all ages.

Recently workshops with the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Atalaya Elementary School, Gonzales Community School, Eldorado Library, SITE Santa Fe, Rio Grande School and the Artisan Art Workshop series produced incredible designs in just three hours of instruction.

Focusing on three formats: V-fold pop up, Round outs and Platforms, attendees build "free form" paper-engineering designs.

If you would like to schedule a workshop, contact Sally at!

SITE Santa Fe workshop for 50, children and adults

SITE Santa Fe gift shop, cut paper art

Center for the Book, Iowa City, 2016

Artisan Art Workshop, adults and children

Messy desk in the middle of a project!

Elementary School workshops

Santa Fe Art Institute Book Arts Program

F-flute cardboard and 10 pt. paper projects for workshops

Public school workshops in Santa Fe, New Orleans, Juarez, Mexico, and a library sponsored tour of the four corners of New Mexico at all the public libraries

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