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Moveable Book Society~Philadelphia 2014

A most dynamic meeting this year in Philly, produced new paper engineers doing the most incredible things. Paul Johnson was our keynote speaker and he took the house down with his new art book editions. He is a magician in his presentations making a flattened, folded book come alive with one motion.

The presentations of collections, conservator's notes, new ideas and art books were spectacular. The new paper engineers are creating astounding mechanics along with animation and LED lights.

Helen Hiebert's published book has interior pages that you can cut to make dimensional without removing the page!

Emily Martin, the carousel expert and art book maker and printer, showed how she adapted the carousel design from the 1800s for her own special uses, adding a text panel in between the page folds.

Colette Fu, David Carter and Ray Marshall gave workshops in Beijing after the conference! See FB albums under Colette Fu's timeline page.

Carol Barton at the rare book collection at the library.

Emily Martin's added folds in the carousel.

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