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Sally Blakemore

Sally Blakemore began her creative career in printmaking, painting and sculpture at North Texas State University and earned her BFA with an extra two years of graduate studies in painting and sculpture at the University of Texas at Austin. She became interested in publishing through her interest in offset printing and illustration. Sally Blakemore has designed and produced approximately 142 titles for publishers worldwide and has designed and produced 45 paper engineered books for various publishers and from original concept.

Her published illustrations have appeared in many books and magazines including The Washington Post, Esquire Magazine and The New Yorker. She lives and works from her home studio which is filled with her animals, 2 dogs, 2 feral cats, 2 birds, and 2 fish.Sally has enjoyed traveling all over the world to produce pop-up books and work with colleagues in Thailand, China, Singapore, Kenya, Bali, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

Sally Blakemore

Owner and creative director, Arty Projects since 1999

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