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Sally Blakemore's HUMAN BEINGS Ordinary Meetings with Extraordinary People

248 pages, 90 illustrations

6 x 9 Hard cover and Soft cover AVAILABLE on, and Barnes and

Sally's interest in world travel is represented in stories of humans around the world.

The human being is an amazing part of nature and finding humanity is a wild and wooly experience. In this book Sally explores her travels through the people she has met and people she has worked closely with on her many projects. Funny and poignant, from the nursing homes of Texas to the fun loving Chinese and activists in Kenya, Sally finds amazing goodness and the recognition of the human spirit in action, worldwide.

WHAT people are saying about HUMAN BEINGS—

Sally Blakemore’s book,

Human Beings, shows the goodness of humankind in the form of chance encounters with those she meets along the way. The book dazzles with its descriptions of foreign cultures and the magical synchronicities of life. It entertains

as we follow the author through humorous, scary, and amazing experiences from her childhood in West Texas to New York, South America, New Orleans, China, Africa, and Bali as she pursues her passions. But above all, it teaches us about the common humanity we all share. As the author demonstrates, when we are at home in the world the world welcomes us, and that the attitude of acceptance is the key to embracing the magic of extraordinary people in every day situations. As the she concludes, destiny places allegorical bread crumbs in our paths and it is up to us to perceive them and find our way home. It is clear that Blakemore’s home is the world and it is a magical place. The wonderful artwork by the author enhances the playfulness and creativity of her wonderful stories.

Joanna Hill, author of

Power of Prayer around the World, Words of Gratitude for Mind, Body, and Soul,


Swedenborg’s Tiffany Angels

Sally has a big generous heart and a wildly infectious sense of humor. That, along with her keen observational skills help her chink out everyday life experiences in her book like a sculptor, ultimately revealing raw humanity with all its gruesome and lovable truths. With Blakemore’s artistry, she reveals a series of richly human, nakedly honest observations and portraits-collected with an enviable talent for remembering detail-through her life’s journey. It has been a wild ride.

Paulette Hurdlik


I have begun my magical journey into the World Of Sally. I am absolutely mesmerized by her words. Funny, charming, moving, engaging, inspirational and so quintessentially Sally! What a deeply lovely soul she has, to say nothing of her amazing memory for details! I'm very impressed.

Patti Spring

Live Art Studio, New Orleans

Starting with the dedication and pages of “in gratitude,” we are introduced to the generous and curious heart of Sally Blakemore.

I didn’t dare miss what she had to say…weaving memories, free-style cartoon illustrations, Sally offers vignettes from her life that go back and forth, in and out of the ‘now’ and the ‘then’... so the reader remains alert for the next detail and where they will lead.

Sally’s particular perspective on life is at once universal and as flamboyant as her turquoise hair and distinctive laugh. You, too, will laugh out loud and marvel at the depth of insight into all that makes us Human Beings.

Ashisha, Marijane Mercer

Retired Editor,

Mothering Magazine

Musician/Kumusha Women’s Marimba, Santa Fe

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